Coming soon to a city near you

From where Great Britain used to be:

Seems that the socialist state has run out of money and people are unhappy about this:

No more free lunch.

And people wonder why we dislike the Obama and DNC socialist agenda?

Now that the economic chickens are coming home to roost, and all the money has run out, people are becoming agitated that they are not getting their fair share of freebies. Apparently, there are no courses in economics in Britain (not Great) anymore than there are here.

Higher taxation and yet fewer and fewer benefits each year. Protests and riots. yet no one asks “Who will pay the bill”?

The socialists have won in Britain. It is no longer “Great” any more.

How long until this happens here?

One thought on “Coming soon to a city near you

  1. "How long until this happens here?"

    Three, Two, One…any moment now. Just sayin'.

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