By the way….

WhereInTheFuck was Obama during all of the Veterans Day Ceremonies?

AWOL, as usual.  Could not be bothered to either schedule his trip around, nor to interrupt his trip to be home to honor our veterans. He took a side trip to S. Korea for a wreath laying ceremony as a last minute afterthought.

The S.O.B. can’t even honor those who protect his ability to to hate and denigrate them.

Mr. Obama:  You are not fit to shine their shoes.

I think you are an asshole.
Your inability to even go though the motions of being a president shows your true character.

ETA: Other feel differently: “Obama being absent from celebrations for our vets is like Michael Jackson being absent from a ten year old boy’s slumber party”

And, it seems that he could honor the Indonesian veterans and heroes. Just not those of his own country….if it is his….