Apparently there are many things which induce PSH*

Seems that the liberal educators (but I repeat myself) are afraid of nearly everything out of the ordinary…..Even horses.

Horses are dangerous, and apparently the“equivalent of bringing in a loaded firearm to school”

What do you expect from an urban liberal educator? (sorry for the redundancy) Anything non urban is clearly odd, dangerous, and must be stopped immediately! Way to go to damage the kinds “spirit” during “Spirit Week”.

Mayhaps they were afraid the horse might bite someone with those wicked teeth designed to rend flesh? Oh, wait….

* “Pants Shitting Hysteria” : A condition often found in liberals when confronted by nearly anything outside of their experience or that plays into their fears. See also: Firearms, horses, independent thinking, anything to do with the Tea Party, or uppity minorities who might move into their neighborhood.