And thus, it begins:

So it would seem that people are pissed off at the Muslim community which fostered Mohamed Osman Mohamud, the attempted bomber at Corvallis OR.

Until the Muslim community purges themselves of practicers of radical islam (is there any other kind??? I mean, seriously, can you be a good muslim and interact well with infidels?)) there will always be hate, and intolerance, and suspicion. Until there are ZERO muslims who attempt this, or at least until each and every one is turned in by other muslims, then incidents like this will continue to happen. I don’t justify it, but I understand it.

It’s not like jews or christians or bhuddists attempt to commit mass murder in the name of their religion often (ever?) lately.

I was raised to be tolerant of others culture. And I am….until your culture fosters those who would harm my countrymen. Then all bets are off.

Your Mileage May Vary.

ETA: Seems the Europeans are feeling the same way……

2 thoughts on “And thus, it begins:

  1. I can't usually find much good to say about moslims, but in all fairness- it was a muzzi that tipped off the FBI.

  2. Was it? Good. Perhaps some are learning what it takes to be accepted in this country.

    I actually fear a backlash against muslims should someting serious happen. I have muslim friends who I would shelter should there be another significant attack and the backlash begin.

    I fear that it will happen.

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