It’s not the vote fraud that bothers me

But rather the blatant vote fraud.

Like this

and this

and this

and this

Look, Vote fraud has been going on since before your grandfather was alive…You and I both know it.

The original Mayor Daley delivered the city of Chicago’s  vote for Kennedy before I was born, and, while  everyone knew what was happening, no one could prove it, and there was at least an attempt to cover things up. It wasn’t obvious unless you knew where to look.

But this is blatant, out in the open, and “in your face”. It would appear that those responsible are convinced that Mr Holder and the people at the Department of “Justice” are taking orders from the White House and that there will be little more than a sham investigation and never any attempt at charges or a conviction.

Stealing is one thing……Doing it blatantly is another.

If voting at the ballot box will not work, will voting from the rooftops?