How to start a revolution

Pass THIS legislation……. Seize private 401(k) accounts to give a “Guaranteed Retirement Account” to each and every citizen of the US…(wasn’t that what Social Security was all about?)

I wonder about the veracity of the source, and yet THIS exists too…And while it does not advocate the seizure of the 401(k) money, it does suggest that there is a plan afoot to provide a “guaranteed retirement” overseen by a “Federal Retirement Security Board”….

And, just to make sure the tinfoil hat fits just right, let us not forget that many union retirement plans are massively underfunded and will likely bankrupt the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation….requiring a bailout by the feds (and therefore you and I) yet again…..Obama and the democrats like Pelosi and Frank are no doubt is under pressure from their union contributors….

When is enough, enough?

Methinks that many folks might find this the spark that sets off the conflagration of revolution…

Or then again, perhaps we are all sheep.