Blogmeet and gunshow AAR

We met the great and mighty OG and Partner at 6:45 am Saturday to carpool down to the Indy area for the 1500 and the subsequent Blogmeet.

The Indy gunshow was not as crowded as in previous years. While there was no lack of attendees, you could at least walk down the aisles and see both sides for the most part.

Few deals were to be had, pricing for new firearms was at or near gunshop levels…..I am not sure if the gunshops have come down or if the dealers were not discounting as much. Either way, few great deals to be had. Midwest Chick spent a bit of cash for her new Sig 238. A bit of haggling got her a few bucks off of the price; and, while a good deal, it was not outstanding. But, as she had been lusting for one for months, she bought it.A few holsters from Stoner Holster, (one we had to order, but we trust ’em, they are good folks and make good products) (FTC be damned) and we were done buying for the day.

Ammo was down to just 25% over what it should have been, and nearly all “mainstream” calibers were available in quantity. Chances are, if you had cash, you could go home with as much ammo for whatever firearm in whatever caliber as you could carry.

The trip down was, well…., a trip. Operating on just 2.5 hours of sleep  (we had been at a party later than we had planned, so oh dark thirty came earlier than we had expected) and therefore massive overdoses of caffiene and sugar, we met Og and Partner and climbed into the Prius for the trip down. I halfway expected either Og or the Prius (or maybe both) to either self destruct in some weird fashion, or one or the other to suffer some strange malfunction…..But they apparently can coexist in close proximity. The trip was, as all time spent with those two, interesting and thought provoking. The conversation went from the interesting and educational to the extreme and bizarre. I highly recommend that if you ever spend a significant amount of time with Midwest Chick, Og and Partner, you bring large quantities of brain-bleach…..and/or a set of knitting needles for a do-it-yourself lobotomy……There are some things you just can’t unhear or un-visualize. Having said that, I would not have missed the trip and their company for anything you might offer.

After we arrived at the gunshow, we went our separate ways. They like the collectibles, and we like the new ones and the knives and survival supplies. As we had been vendors at such shows in the past, Midwest Chick and I saw many acquaintances and renewed a few friendships which we had not kept up on.

Meeting up with the other two, we navigated to Claddaghs on the northeast side for a meal and some libations on their patio before the others arrived for the Blogmeet.

If you ever have the chance to attend a Blogmeet in the Indy area, I highly recommend that you take the time to do so. The wit and snark flow fast and furiously, and the conversation can be educational as well as disturbing fun and interesting.

In attendance were (in no particular order) Brigid (who was greeted by the mighty Ogs incredibly white buttocks (he mooned her as she pulled up)) . I was worried about that, as reports were that she was feeling poorly, but she was able to hold herself together even in the face of such a sight. (I was sitting next to him, and the flash of ugly bright white nearly blinded me when he greeted her.) As I said, some things you just can’t ever unsee. (where did I put those knitting needles?)

Tam and Shootin’ Buddy showed, as did Joanna and The Lovely Ms X….then Old Grouch. He, of course, had a bit of new technology to show off, Joanna and I traded opinions on cooking, the therapeutic uses of Bacon (I am of the opinion that, with few exceptions (like angel food cake) Bacon will improve nearly any food), and other topics, all the while trying to keep up with the flow of conversation between Tam, Shooting Buddy, OG, Roberta and Midwest Chick. Tam did autograph her article in my copy of Concealed Carry magazine (I’ll never wash that magazine again!). There was a discussion which began about old underwear, which led to another visual that made me wince, and wish for more brain-bleach. Somewhere in there, Midwest Chick decided to do an impromptu dance with the wind and a glass of beer. It appears that she threw herself in front of the beer that spilled in order to keep it from bruising itself as it fell to the floor. We were able to dry her out before the trip home. She blames Brigid for not finishing her beer quickly enough the waitress for not securing the glass properly on the table…..

There was so much more, but most of it is a blur, as it happened so fast (you gotta be quick with these folks!) or was so bizarre that my therapist says that I must put it all behind me I cannot describe it well . Just show up next time there is a blogmeet. The comradeship, the laughter, the snark and the wit are worth the trip.

Guaranteed, or I’ll refund twice your entry fee.

And trust me, you really don’t want to know some of the topics we discussed on the trip back home….

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