Bad customer service

I just cancelled  my order via Wicked Lasers for the high powered handheld laser that I posted about back in June. It was supposed to ship within 4-6 weeks….. Not so much……

They have promised that it will be shipped “within a week” 4 times, have refused to give me a tracking number, have lied about when it would ship each time, have complained that my CC wouldn’t accept the charges (yet the CC people say that there is no attempt to charge my card), and have generally dicked me around. What a shitty way to do business.

While I was looking forward to playing with a high powered, handheld laser, this is enough. I don’t need one bad enough to put up with this shit.

Be careful if/when you order from them.


One thought on “Bad customer service

  1. Well. That sucks.

    Given the unending publicity this little gadget has been receiving, you would think they would have handled this a mite better…

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