So will the Obama administration lose in court?

Seems that tomorrow is the beginning of the federal case between Delphi non union workers and the feds.

Seems that the UAW folks got the golden parachute via TARP funds, but the non-union folks got the shaft. And they want fair treatment. Who can blame them?

While the issue of underfunded pension plans is one of great magnitude, and will become greater in the next few years, the fact is that the TARP funds used in the Bailout of GM were used to pay for the UAW folks pension benefits….no doubt as a payoff for all their help in getting Mr. O elected. I personally think that the bailout should not have happened, and all pensions should have been treated as the non union Delphi workers pensions were….Part of a bankruptcy.  But if the union folks get the bennies of the government bailouts, so should the rest of the workers.

And I hope they win their case.