Papers, please

Shades of the state of Germany during WWII?

Papier, Bitte.   Read the article…If this does not disturb you, anger you,  then you are a fool. It frightens me as well as angers me. 

 Would you allow yourself to be stopped and to surrender your ID when ordered? I think I might just refuse and see if they would be willing to arrest me for refusing. As far as I know, Indiana law says you must identify yourself when asked, not produce ID on demand. Nor can you be patted down and searched (with the “Terry” exemption to that, I.E if the officer has reason to believe that he might be in danger) without probable cause.  What is the law when a police officer gives you an unlawful order?

Betcha I stay out of LaPorte Indiana… And avoid the county….and it is not outside of my normal AO. But now, as far as I am concerned, It is off limits.

The Mayor of LaPorte will get a letter soon as to why I will not shop in, or go to restaurants in, LaPorte. As will the Chamber of Commerce, and also one for the Mayor of Michigan City, where I do shop and eat often (also in the county). 

Yah, I know, If I have nothing to hide, then what am I worried about??? Think about what you are saying.

Soon, it will be more, for less reasons.Precedent setting and all that.

You know, doncha, that this is just an extension of the DUI checkpoints? Soon they will adapt things so that they can just enter your house on a pretext…..Hey, they already can stop you on public roads, and sidewalks….With no reason. Why not extend the line to its logical conclusion? Yeah, I am paranoid, and yeah, maybe I need a tinfoil hat.  But who would have thought this could happen in the USA?

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  1. I'm sick and tired of the "what do you have to hide?" line. With enough laws, we are all criminals! And besides, someday the answer might be "the Jews in my attic".

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