More Glowbal warmening bullshit

AlGore must be crying right now…

Seems that NOAA knew that the data from the satellites…..the data the “proved” global warming, was bogus, and has been for YEARS. 

Garbage in, garbage out.

But the crime is that the scientists and administration at NOAA KNEW that the data was bogus: full of errors, and yet they failed to mention that small fact to anyone.

But these folks, in government service… doubt will keep their jobs. Were this a private corporation, not only would the corporation be sued (and rightly so) for providing erroneous data (at a cost of MILLIONS of dollars), but everyone who was a part of the data collection would be fired.
How many BILLIONS of dollars have been spent to mitigate the effects of the non existent issue of global warming? How many taxpayer dollars have been spent (actually, wasted) working with this erroneous data?

Were I in charge, those same scientists, technicians, and especially administrators, would be forced to pay back every dollar that was spent for all those years for which erroneous data was provided. Salaries, operating costs, and any other expenses. Somehow, I doubt that this will be the case.

My bet is that few of them will even be forced to resign. I’d like to stand them up against a wall. But then again, I have been told that I lack tolerance….