And the people of NY are letting this happen….

Sharia law soon in NY?

Seriously. Via Stormbinger, THIS .

Conquest, if we let them.

I am all for the expression of religious freedom, but there is a point at which it becomes something else. I believe that the point of no return is approaching…..The point at which something must be done to reign in and to stop appeasing.

If the push continues, the backlash (if the citizens of the US can muster the testicular fortitude to stand up) will become terrible for the moderates.

1 thought on “And the people of NY are letting this happen….

  1. Over at Advice Goddess there was a discussion on the ban of hijab in France and possibly other European countries. While no one wants to prescribe or proscribe manners of dress for anyone, the problem is that the hijab has become something else. It is not a purely religious expression anymore. And that's what most folks don't understand about Islam either–it's not just a religion as those of us in the West understand it.

    It's a political/social/religious conglomerate and the parts really can't be separated.

    A mosque is not just a mosque, it is in many cases a symbol of domination and conquest (witness the Mosque on Temple Mount in Jerusalem).

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