So the big O has decided to put politics and ideology over the security of the citizens of the United States.

Seems that they are going ahead with the lawsuit against Arizona regarding the new law allowing the police and other LEO to check citizenship or immigration status during traffic stops or other interactions.

So the security of the nation and the citizens (and taxpayers) of the state of Arizona takes a backseat to the liberal ideology.


Much like the parks that are now off limits to the US citizens who own them in order that the drug gangs from Mexico can operate freely, will the administration abandon the state of AZ? Since the feds won’t do anything, and now they are trying to prevent any local LEO from protecting the state, will they just relinquish the territory of Arizona?

Perhaps this is an attempt to get all those immigrants into the US so that he can grant them citizenship in his “comprehensive immigration reform” in order to get all those new voters lined up to support the DNC candidates. ???

Or perhaps he has decided that it is up to the federal government to ignore the issue, not the states.

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