If this is true,

(and I am trying to verify all of it) then we need to go to the home improvement store TODAY, and buy some lumber (if there are no sturdy lampposts handy) and a bit of rope.

THIS is what I am talking about.

Might could be the thing that makes each and every none of us get off the dime and actually begin to have a revolution.

If you don’t know how to tie the knot, the look at THIS or THIS link.

I am sure you can figure out who’s neck the thing needs to be around.
Lies, lies, lies. The Obama Administration seems to think that each of us will accept this….They have gotten away with adding much to our burden.

Will we stand idly by and allow him and his cohorts to continue to destroy this country and our way of life?

What would those 56 men who signed the Declaration think of us today? Would they think that their sacrifice was in vain? Would they think that we are worth their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor”?

I think not. Were they alive today, they’d be organizing for another revolution. And looking at us with disgust.

2 thoughts on “If this is true,

  1. Unfortunately, any revolution would be small, would be instantly demonized, and would be shortly crushed… After all, only half of Americans pay taxes, and all of those new, glorious, oh-so-very-helpful-and-needed governmental programs need to be funded somehow, and if you are not willing to pay your share (and the share of a couple of other people to boot), then you are not very patriotic, now, are you?

    This was a quick jump in temperature, but they are still just boiling a frog.

  2. You may be right. Then again, this may be the temp spike that makes the frog jump.

    Me? I already have enough rope….and enough trees to use it all. I will not lack for weights to test the rope.

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