Don’t read this if you get angry easily…..

If you haven’t heard about  Donald Berwick, the newly appointed “Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)” then you need to read THIS article.

Scary, for many reasons. He was a recess appointment, and therefore not subject to legislative review. He admires the (oh so successful!) socialized medicine model of the once great nation of Great Britain (now not so great…) and applauds health care rationing in such a system….

Of course, he has exempted himself and his immediate family from the same system he promotes…..

Read the article….both pages Then, when the anger fades from your eyes, realize that this man’s boss is truly a socialist elitist.

But first, make sure that you cannot access any firearms for at least 15 minutes after reading. No ready access to axes, rope etc.

Seriously. This is the issue with Socialism. If you are not part of the ruling class, then you hope you can be a prostitute……At least they get paid when they get fucked.

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