’cause pork isn’t made from pigs….?

And apparently, the stuff you buy in the store, wrapped in plastic and on a little tray, isn’t really dead flesh….

“I have watched this show from the beginning and after last night’s episode I was so disgusted, I had to turn it off. A lot of my friends have said the same thing and will stop watching the show like me. It is a shame because all of us really liked the show. The Beekman boys have enough money to buy meat and they still went through with slaughtering these pigs after they had raised them from babies. It would be different if they were poor and needed to kill the animals on the farm for food. You probably lost a lot of viewers from that episode. I have no respect for these men anymore or your network. I will be spreading the word. I am forwarding my comment to people who protect animals and not slaughter them when it is not necessary. It is one thing to watch an animal killed in a movie where you know this is not real, but to happen on a reality show and to show the pigs on the ground bleeding was traumatic to watch.”

The truth is a real bitch to those who are city liberals, isn’t it? Apparently, some folks are so isolated that they cannot imagine that that meat which they buy in a store was once a sentient, living, breathing animal.

I was raised in a rural household. We raised chickens and lambs for slaughter every year. Some of them we slaughtered ourselves. My parents made sure that I know where my meat came from…

I like steak, chops, roasts, yard-bird, turkey, venison, etc. I have the teeth of a carnivore, and use them. Joyously.  I like meat, but I understand where from it came.

Apparently, not so with some folks. Do they think that that steak that they eat is grown in a vat somewhere?

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