Also today

Was the culmination of the team effort, the national goal, that put 2 men on the moon.

and since then, the US hasn’t done much, really, in space.

But that day, millions upon millions of people watched as 2 men took the first steps ever on another world.

Then we began the slide into socialism. Spending our money on those who refuse to work, and less and less on the things which make this country greater than it was.

Armstrong and Aldrin got the credit, and they were indeed brave men. But many others who worked to put them there should share in their glory. NASA had many workers who did their jobs to place those men on the moon.

Sadly, NASA has declined ever since.

But today we should remember those who made history……the entire team who placed Mr Armstrong in a position to be the first on the moon.

I was 5 that day.

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  1. Now THAT was a birthday present! Many happy returns…

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