Are you a hypocrite?

So are you an energy pig?

Or are you a hypocrite? ( like Al the Gore and his ilk)

“cause if you decry the drilling which has led to this “disaster” in the gulf, yet you use petroleum in any way (gas to heat your home, gasoline to run your car/transportation, eat anything which requires energy to transport or fertilizer, Was your food grown locally? was it harvested by farmers using  horses? Was it delivered by a man on a horse? Or was it delivered using a truck?  How about your clothes? Were they made locally or did they arrive by truck.?….).Well, read THIS…. Me, I am part of the problem. Unashamedly. While my carbon footprint is about 1/3 of most city dwellers, and 1/4 that of the average suburban dweller (seriously), I am still part of the problem. I like the easy life that oil/petroleum brings.

So rather than bitch about the “Evil Big Oil Companies”,  stop or reduce your use of energy, and consumption of petroleum products (this includes plastics and such….). Or accept that your bitching makes you a hypocrite.

As I said, me? I am part of the problem.

One thought on “Are you a hypocrite?

  1. Yup, I'm part of the problem, too. Some folks will never see that they are part of the whole process, though.

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