Sarah Palins Breasts

are a big topic of discussion lately, size, “perkiness” etc. Did she or did she have work done….

Who cares?

The size or firmness of her breasts is of little importance when compared to the Mr. Obamas apparent lack of testicles.

We now return you to your illusion of normalcy.

2 thoughts on “Sarah Palins Breasts

  1. Maybe he has some…but they have not descended yet.

  2. Well, given the Left's infatuation with Sarah, it was only a matter of time before they committed their cardinal sin of sexually objectifying her.

    Hell, if she had them done, more power to her. If she found the mother of all Wonderbras, I would like to congratulate the engineer who developed the necessary cantilevers. And, if nothing else, who cares?

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