How to start a revolution.

While there are many who think that we are being boiled slowly (see the parable about the frog if you are unsure what I am talking about) THIS is a sure way to turn up the heat fast enough to get the attention of those who have so far been complacent enough to allow the rest of the socialization plans happen (GM, Dodge, Tarp, The “Bailout”, and, or course, the Health Care Plan.. 

Screw with my retirement account/IRA?Bad Idea….. Social Security is a failure, and so far, is paying LESS than 3% on monies taken at gunpoint by the government contributed to the accounts by the workers.

You wanna start a revolution? Turn up the hat so that the frog notices? This is one of the best ways that I can think of. And it worked so well in Argentina, to. That once vibrant economy is in the shitter now, all thanks to policies which the DNC and their president, Mr. Unicorn, he of HopenChange  wish to follow exactly.

Methinks that I would be better to take the penalty, withdraw my IRA’s, and invest them as other types of accounts and pay the tax penalty.As the federal government has failed to do anything well in my lifetime, I do not trust them at all to handle my retirement account , much less provide me with a decent return. And, of course, there is the question.of what happens to the monies when/if I die? Who gets the cash then?

While this rumor has been around for 2+ years, it won’t die, and is gaining traction. And with socialists in the government, and in a majority in congress who must be aware of the fact that their majority will end in November 2010,…What have they to lose by pushing this agenda as well? Anything to further the socialist cause.

Methinks that this will finally blow the top off the socialist agenda and cause people to wake up enough t say “Stop”. I only hope that is is not too late to engage the brakes…