First they came for the oil companies, and I said nothing,,,,

And eventually, the dairy farmers…..

See, it’s not about clean air or water, it’s about control

I would wager that there are other things which have a significantly greater impact on our water than the occasional large amount of spilled milk. Will the good enforcers from the EPA begin with the stormwater runoff from parking lots (which contains a significant amount of crankcase oil from cars that leak? Cities and towns flow large amounts of oil from roads and parking lots through their storm drains each and every time it rains. This all ends up in a river, stream, or lake. How about the salt in northern climates? Tons of salt wash into the storm drains, and eventually into the rivers and streams.

It is easier to go after farmers, small ones, than it is to go after big cities and such.
But the reach of the EPA is becoming too great for their grasp. The backlash will be significant. The EPA is full of folks who thing that mankind is the major pollutant. And at some point, they must be reigned in. Perhaps that time is now?

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