He’s right.

“Today we see many immigrants coming to America to make a better life. But they come not to add to the rich melting pot that is America, but to suckle at the nation’s lifeblood like a tick on a hound. They come for the opportunity and stay for the benefits. They want to bring Mexico to the US. There is little attempt to learn the language and the culture. Many of the Southern border towns have become to resemble Mexico, and those immigrants left Mexico for a reason.”

No easy solution except close the border.  And enforce the laws we have already on the books.

But that might piss off a large voting block. Politics over patriotism. And the country is the worse for it.

One thought on “Yep

  1. I don't think we need to close the border, but we certainly need to control it. It should be much easier to come here legally, and much harder to get away with staying here illegally. The current system biases towards keeping the most law abiding out, and making it easiest for the ones we want the least.

    (full disclosure, my wife was born in the US of Hispanic origin)

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