If group socialism doesn’t work

Then go on your own?

Seems that the Euro-Nations have issues with how Greece is running their economy. Too socialist, so much so that they have near zero productivity and are hemorrhaging money. Having all but driven private business away from the country and promised everything but unicorns and a pony to every citizen, they cannot fund their own social and retirement programs….they are bankrupt.

Via Borepatch, we get this…And I bet that it will come true. The economic policies of Greece (and other euro nations) are at odds with many other nations in the Euro-alliance (Germany?). While they are socialist, even they know that there is a limit to what you can do in a socialist society economically.

Now if only the O and his minions would realize what is happening in Greece and the other soon to follow nations and learn from their mistakes. But I doubt that they will.

One thought:

What happens when Kalifornia and Massachusetts and other states which are following Greece’s lead have the same economic woes? Will we force them to be (at least somewhat) fiscally responsible, as the EU is trying to do with Greece? Or will we toss them aside, dollar wise? What will be the exchange rate for Kalifornia reserve notes?

Seems that the EU was destined to fail. Will the US fail for the same reasons? At what point does the Midwest rebel against paying the freight for the socialist (and soon to be bankrupt) left and east coast states?

ETA: seems that others think the same way