As you go about your three day weekend……

Take a moment to remember what the weekend is for. Please remember the purpose of this long weekend. This is more than just a day for those of you who have Monday off, It is more than just a day when they race at Indianapolis, and some communities have a parade.

Think about it. This is the day set aside in MEMORIAL for those who have fallen in their countries service. Fallen in order that you and I can enjoy a day to drink beer, cook out on the grill, and whatever else is a part of your Memorial Day routine.

Take some time this weekend. Thank those who serve. Thank a soldier, a sailor, a Marine, or an airman. Take a moment to thank those who fell for your freedom to forget them. Thank whatever being you talk to late at night or whom you ask for help when things go sour that they were there when their time came. Thank them for their sacrifice.

I sometimes am disgusted that we as American Citizens, who have so much, because so many men (and now women) have sacrificed so much even to their lives, to defend the principles of this country and those people who live within its border and protectorates.

Remember the reason we have this day. Say thank you. Take a moment to appreciate what you have, because of those this day honors.

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