And Calderon shows that he is shilling for Obama

And that there are two standards….One for Mexico dealing with invaders, and one for the US. 
It’s like he feels that Mexican citizens have a right to invade our country, a right that other folks do not have in Mexico. And, of course, he gets things entirely wrong when it comes to the illegal guns in Mexico. But we have already seen that Calderon is a liar. (Just like Mr. Obama). It would seem to anyone with two working brain cells to rub together that he was well briefed before coming to the US, and likely by the Obama Administration. I wonder if the citizens of Mexico realize that he is a puppet of Barry?

The fact is that if Illegal Immigrants from Mexico were stopped, the country of Mexico would shortly thereafter go broke. Bankrupt. Tapped out.

And that would be the end of the government that they have now.

Can someone show me where that would be a bad thing?

ETA: even better post regarding MEXICAN laws on foreigners here. Seems that Mexico doesn’t want all those damned mexicans either….. Seems that their laws regarding immigration are much more strict than ours, yet they bitch about ours. Read the Whole Thing.