unintended consequences, part XIV

More fallout from the HUGE Health Care Bill.

“I’ll take the double fatburger with extra heart disease and a large helping of extra lardass. And can I get some extra clogged arteries with that? But hold the mayo”

Like anyone eating fast food really cares about calories, or percentage of RDA or amount of fat or salt.

Go HERE to watch the video.

Look: I am all for helping people have a healthy lifestyle and all that. But really, do you think anyone is gonna read the calorie counts? Few read the currently mandated nutrition labels on foods you can get at the grocery store. Why would they read them standing in line at the fast food counter?

Most fat people are fat for a reason, and (excepting that minority with a gladular disorder or the like) most are fat because they don’t care about the calories they eat vs the calories they burn.  Giving them all the information on nutrition in flashing numbers will not help. Having the info printed on a card and handed to them by an attractive model will not help.

But the government doesn’t care if it is effective. they are spending someone else’s money, and, for them it’s the intent that counts, not the result.