May 20th.

Draw Mohammed day.

While I mean no significant disrespect to muslims, neither do I think we should cower in fear because some radical islamist feels that he has the right to kill an infidel due to a perceived slight of Mohammed.

Therefore, I bring this to your attention. I will post the most funny, well done, satirical cartoon I can find here (make no mistake, if I could draw one, I would, but I have difficulty having my stick figures recognized as such, so I will reproduce someone else’s artwork.

I invite the offended muslim to wage his jihadic war upon me. He might find me a more worthwhile adversary that the unarmed TheoVanGogh. (I shoot back).

Please, pass this forward to others. Let us all celebrate this day, if only to defuse and pull the fangs of the offended muslim which threatens violence so effectively.