It was not “Teh Awesome”…….

So, falling prey to the hype about the KFC Double Down sandwich, I went to the local KFC.

While the sandwich was good, it was not great.

Nor did I have a heart attack after eating it, despite the warnings. It’s two pieces of white meat Original Recipe covering some fairly spicy pepper jack cheese and some less than spectacular bacon with some sort of mayo based “Secret Sauce”.  Tasty, but not “all that”.  It won’t replace the sandwich.

And, of course, there is the wonderful experience at the KFC itself. The service (if it can be called that) at the local KFC remains, much like my visit last year, abysmally poor. There were a pair of twins (young men) who had some hustle and some concept of customer service, but the visit overall was not a “quality dining experience”. The other 6 people behind the counter were not, shall we say, customer service oriented

What is it about KFC that mostly attracts workers with 2 speeds…slow, and dead?

All I can say is that the sandwich, while good, was not awesome, and a good sandwich will not cause me to return to KFC for such a poor experience.

I’d rather make this at home…