April 19th

Let us not forget government agencies run amok, all for the political gain, or so one or more persons could get publicity and/or promotions.

Today, 17 years ago, was the end of the siege near Waco, Texas at the Branch Davidian ranch. While the stories vary, they all point to one thing. This was the culmination of a significant series of blunders that the FBI and ATF made that resulted in the deaths of 76 people.

While no one knows exactly what happened in the beginning, nor what the motivation of the raid that started this debacle, it ended on this day in the fiery deaths that could have been avoided.

What is the lesson here?

Watch our government closely. Do something to stop it before it oversteps its bounds. Do what we must to contain the demon of overzealous law enforcement before things get out of hand.

And remember this day. Do not let it happen again.

“For if we do not stand together, then we shall hang separately”.