what a waste of money

The census folks sent me a letter telling me that I should expect a census form soon. Unless you have been living under a rock, you should already be aware of this.

If the address is wrong, I will recieve neither letter nor census form. If it is correct then I will recieve both, so the first one is surpurflous, and a waste of money. (At 105,000,000 households at $0.50 for the letter, envelope, printing and postage, which even assuming great volume discounts and all is a fairly conservative estimate, puts us at $52.000.000 (likely three times that!) for the useless letter). FIFTY TWO MILLION DOLLARS!

But hey, it no doubt helped keep the unemployment numbers low for Barry…..

I intend to follow the Constitution when it comes to the census. I will accurately fill out the number of adults and children portion, and keep the rest private.

My race, my income, etc., are not a part of the census as mandated in the constitution. And they matter not when it comes to the allocation of government funds, nor congressional districts, or anything else that the goverment should be doing.