One might think to invest in brick manufactories

and perhaps plate glass companies….

As a hypothetical exercise only, of course…..

’cause if everyone threw a brick through a window of the traitors who voted against the will of the people, then perhaps the message might become a bit clearer to those folks….

Are you willing to go to jail for this sort of civil disobedience? I am beginning to think that I might be. It could be that since passive protest did not seem to work, that property damage without personal violence might……(I would, of course, only break the portion of the window that my tax dollars paid for, the other part of the windows I will leave alone).

It is a better alternative to real violence, or true armed revolution. And it would, of course, be a lesson to those who we elect to represent us when we vote the incumbent traitors out on November.

I’m just sayin’.

Perhaps the time will come when each of us must make a decision as to whether the country is a capitalist country, or a socialist diktatorship.

We all know where the folks that voted for the Health Care debacle stand.

Where do you?

ETA: RobertaX thinks I am WRONG. I see it as an intermediate step to “voting from the rooftops”.

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