Mr. Obama, Ms. Pelosi, and Mr. Reid:

While I realize that for you, a liberal socialist democrat type of person, the Holy Grail of Socialized Health Care is a very tempting thing. I respect your drive, your commitment, and your effort, even though I disagree with your intended result. And, while you feel that it deserves a great deal of your attention (and has, in fact, precluded nearly everything else for a year), you must to accept the results of the looming vote. Should it be a vote for your wishes, then so be it. But should it be a vote against your wishes, and a vote that reflects the desires of nearly 3/4 of the citizens (and something like 90% of the TAXPAYING citizens) then you need to get on with your job of running the country. The looming health care debacle has done more to damage the economic recovery than anything else that might have hindered it, as most businesses await a more certain future. They dislike not knowing what their future costs might be, and how your misguided legislation might affect their markets and the future economic health of the country.

Forget the fact that you have cheated, lied, used unusual rules outside of their original intent, bribed senators with taxpayer money, misrepresented the costs of your program, and hidden many of the negative things about this program. Forget the fact that this is not only unpopular with conservative folks such as myself, but with many of those who lean a bit farther left than I . Forget the fact that because of this legislation it is entirely possible that you may well lose both houses in the upcoming election, and that your legislation on this matter is contrary to the wishes of a majority of its citizens.

For over a year you have schemed, plotted, arm twisted, and bribed. You have done everything you can to ram this unpopular mess down our throats. Again: I know this is important to you, above all else, in the advancement of socialism liberalism. I respect your determination and persistence. But, please, if you lose (and I hope that you do indeed fail in your endeavor), give up, at least for a while, and spend some time leading this country. We have millions out of work, small businesses such as mine struggling, and a stagnant economy. While not all of this can be laid at your feet, the fact that you have spent nearly all your time doing whatever you can to make your dream of socialism Health Care happen has been to the detriment of this country and its economy and its citizens. You have not spent nearly enough time doing your job, the job that your constituents elected you to do, to lead us to a stable future, with a working, growing economy. By not making the vote on socialism Health Care happen quickly, you have created economic stagnation, further damaging our economy

So please, for the good of the country and the good of the citizens that live within it’s borders, take the vote, accept it, and move on. Begin LEADING this country. Do something else besides campaign, bribe and twist the arms of our senators and congresspersons to make your socialist dream happen. Begin focusing on the things that really matter, like jobs, and stability, and economic progress. Either win this, or let it drop. Do not stretch this any farther than you already have. Do not delay the up or down vote any longer in order to give yourself more time to twist arms, find creative ways to cheat, or find more money to with which to bribe your fellows….Pick a day and vote the damned thing either up or down.  And abide by that decision.

Again: if you win, then act quickly. If you do not, then announce that there will be no further legislation on health care for at least 2 years, in order that our country can recover from this debacle, and begin regrowing the economy and you and your peers can begin rebuilding your reputations with your constituents, and we as citizens can begin to recover from your folly. To do anything else is to the detriment of the citizens of this once great nation.

If you truly love your country and wish to serve the best interests of its citizens, then do as I suggested. Anything else is not in the interests of those who elected you to be their representatives. Failure to do so is a refutation of your oath. And a disservice to those you claim to serve.