The dragon awakes

A lady who has worked for me for 12 years, never ever caring to discuss politics or to even comment on any legislative subject, today asked me how to get in touch with her senators and congressmen, as she is finally aware that inaction leads to being led to slaughter…..all over the health care debacle….

“WTH do they think they are doing here? I never thought they’d really pass this. How can they?”

Alas, too little and too late….But she has been awakened and is angry….and now she will do something rather than doing nothing. Look for her and her sisters at the Tax Day Tea Parties, and other protests….expect her and others like her to volunteer for any candidate opposing the incumbents (at least hose who voted “yes” in the house and senate)….and until now, these same folks would have not done anything.

But no more. They are awake, and they are angry.