Betcha that we don’t see a budget cut…..

To correspond to the service cuts the US Postal Service has proposed.

Since they are cutting 1/6 of their service, can we expect to see 1/6 of the managerial jobs cut as well? How about a salary reduction for the rest of the workers since they will be doing 1/6 less work?

Perhaps 1/6 less benefits or 1/6 less retirement funding? Are they gonna cut the cost of postage by 1/6?

Didn’t think so.

Ther was once a time when working for the Postal service, much like other federal civil service jobs, meant low pay, but excellent benefits, and a kick ass retirement after your 20 years was up. Now they get higher pay than an equivalent private employee AND kick ass bennies AND kick ass retirement. If the feds can’t make the postal service work, what makes you think that they can make Health Care work?

If I am not gonna get my mail on Saturdays (really not that big of a deal anyway, as most of my mail is junk mail and bills) then I wanna see some savings for my service cut.