Why all muslims will, unfortunately, always be suspect.

And why our current screening methods will never, ever work.

We cannot ever be more than reactive in our current attempt to screen every person attempting air travel, or entering buildings for weapons. Especially with the TSA folks trying to stop them. Our current methods will never stop a determined suicide bomber (at least not one with a level of intelligence greater than that of broccoli).

We react, they will react. It ends up being a game of one-upmanship. And they only have to get it right one time, and people die. And until we realize that, we will always be on the losing side of things. In order to win this game, we must be rationl, and accept that some folks are a greater risk than others. Is it fair? Nope. But it is realistic. Our current methods suck. No matter how much PC we attempt, someone will get their sensibilities hurt, and we had better realize that and learn to deal with it.

Better we use the Israelis methods. They seem to work, and they really don’t care if someone gets pissed off.