This should get interesting:

Seems that the Police Chief in King N.C. has declared a state of emergency due to weather. While this is perhaps no big deal, part of the new rules for the duration of said weather emergency is the banning of the carry of firearms outside of a person’s property. No one is allowed to carry on public property (streets, etc).

It would seem to me that this is exactly the time to carry a firearm. (I, of course, do so every day anywhere that I can legally do so (which is generally everywhere)).

Not that I am unsympathetic to the issues and problems that the C.O.P is no doubt encountering, but to be able to, by declaration, invalidate the second amendment is not something to be taken lightly.

One would wonder if the good citizens of King, NC will allow him to get away with this. I certainly wouldn’t, but so far my sheriff hasn’t tried (I don’t think that he is that stupid). Perhaps the laws in NC allow for such, but not in my home state.

Methinks, unless the citizens of King, NC are all sheep, he will be resigning shortly.

Personally, were it legal for me to carry before the “State of Emergency” I would continue to do so during and after. And, while not making a big deal about it while carrying (concealed, I might add) I would expect to be able to exercise my right unimpeded. If not, I would expect to deal with the issues afterwards. I’d not advertise, but neither would I do so surreptitiously

If he gets away with this, then we know 2 things:

1. never visit King NC
2. the citizens of that county are sheep, and there is no hope for them.

As I said: This should be interesting later.


ETA: One thing I thought of after the original post is that if this IS legal…..Then anyone in power can crate an emergency, for any reason.

I am glad that MY state has laws preventing this.