Don’t get cocky here folks!

You and I both know that this terrible setback for the liberal socialists (sorry for the redundancy) caused by the BROWN win is not going to stop their attempts to instigate socialized medicine…..Instead of One Big Bill that they tried (and failed!) to jam up our asses, they will now retrench, and slowly make the same reforms that they wanted, one piece at a time. Slowly, they will achieve their goals if we are not vigilant and vociferous in our opposition. Expect things to be piggybacked onto other bills, and expect stealth and subterfuge.

In other words, rather than throwing us into boiling water, they will turn up the heat incrementally. Either way, we boil IF WE LET THEM. They found out (and, God willing, will learn more in Nov. 2010) the hard way that their wants and beliefs are NOT the will of the voting citizens of the US.

Mark my words, they are still aware that they have a majority (although now, at least, not a supermajority) in the Senate, and they will never stop trying. Much like firearm legislation, we need to be ever vigilant in watching what the liberals do. They never stop trying.

Watch for more attempts to make Illegal Amnesty happen as well. The DNC leadership is aware that this is their One Big Chance, and they do not seem to care that they will destroy their party and it’s power base in order to socialize this country.

ETA: It might mean that the Copenhagen agreement is DEAD though….