Bad idea

Just got a call from a “volunteer” (with a hispanic accent)telling me I needed to call Senator Bayh (spit) and tell him how much I supported amnesty for illegal aliens legislation immigration reform to provide a path to citizenship…

I laughed, and politely suggested that he might have had the wrong house, as I could not support such legislation. When he began to proselytize, I asked if he was a citizen….He would not answer, which was, IMHO, an answer in itself. I asked if he was aware of how much financial damage illegal immigration does to the country. No answer. I asked if he sent money back to Mexico. He said I was being offensive and should be more open minded….I said that I was open minded, but a patriot. He began to call me a right winger….I said that most of my friends found me way too liberal. That gave him pause…

One would wonder what these people are smoking, calling up folks to try and drum up support in this manner.

Caller ID shows that it was a 925 area code, which Yahoo says is in northern California.

Which answers the above question.

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