can someone explain to me

What the difference is between military prisoners over there>>>>>>
In Gitmo, and military prisoners over here, in the Peoples Republik of Illinois?

I mean, other than the fact that the military watches them over there, and civilians will watch them here???

WTF difference does it make, except that The Obama promised to close Gitmo, and is apparently doing so….Same folks, same crimes, same interrogators, just a different venue and different guards?

I guess he can claim that he HAS indeed done what he promised (close Gitmo), in fact, if not in substance.

And where are all the NIMBYs crying about dangerous prisoners being in their neighborhood? I can’t wait until one escapes and terrorizes some poor unsuspecting neighbor of the prison…..(actually, I hope it doesn’t happen, But it could, and might, and if it does….)

What really, does this accomplish?

Can anyone answer?

I’d reeeeally like to know.