It goes something like this:….

There once was a man walking through the woods in the winter.
During his walk, he chanced upon a snake frozen in the snow.

Being a kind soul, he picked up the frozen snake along with the snow and ice that encased it, and carried said snake back to the cabin, where he warmed the snake, freed it from the snow and ice, and held it against his body, sharing warmth with the snake that it might thaw and live again.

After a time, the snake stirred, raised it’s head, and promptly bit the man, injecting venom.

“I am dead!”, cried the man. “You have killed me with your bite!”

“How could you do this? I brought you into my house, warmed you, and nurtured you back to life!”

The snake replied, as the man lay dying….”You knew what I was when you picked me up.”

Compare this to Ft. Hood and other terrorist actions in our country.

Draw your own conclusions.