Lies, lies, lies…..

Via Devi’s Kitchen

We have THIS…..

……have presented, as fact, data which privately they have acknowledged to be, at best, flawed.

Further, many members of The Club are editors of the reports submitted to the IPCC, and the emails show that they have deliberately cherry-picked those that agree with their position—and conspired to discredit or reject those that do not agree with their political position.

The Club has also conspired to suborne journals, and to oust editors of other journals who are perceived as being unsympathetic to their cause. And they have been successful.

The emails show that, whilst claiming that sceptics’ papers are not peer-reviewed, The Club have actively and deliberately used blackmail and smears to prevent such peer-review or, when review is unavoidable, to have conspired to skew the review process to discredit their opponents.

All of these actions render the scientific reports produced by the IPCC extremely suspect. At best.

And they most certainly destroy the concept of the “scientific consensus”.

None of these emails disprove anthropogenic climate change: but they do shatter the idea that there is no dissent and, crucially, they absolutely annihilate the idea that scientists are impartial and uncorrupt.

And these emails most certainly explode the proposition that we should reorder the world economy because of an impending climate disaster.

So we have “scientists” who have skewed data to present (and “prove”) a foregone conclusion…..That Global Warming is actually happening, and happening at a rate which will cause widespread damage to our way of life very soon….. It is incontrovertable…

Except it isn’t…and the “consensus” doesn’t exist….

While the MSM hasn’t run with this (yet) we can only hope that they will.

Spread the truth wherever you can.

SHOW people what the truth is….

Make this become mainstream.