Climat-Gate links

Ivan Kenneally has commentary on the politics of GW “science…

Jonah Goldberg has a point about the double standard of scrutiny for these leaked emails and documents…

Some snark

Others take a look at the code that is used in the program that “models” the climate.

And Megan points out that we are basing a change in our entire lifestyle and it’s costs on a fairly faulty model.

Here we have a report that another bunch of climate data (from NZ of all places?) is “adjusted” to fit the preexisting theory, not the theory adjusting to real data….One wonders about the veracity of all of the other data used in light of these revelations….IS there any climate data that is not “adjusted” to make it fit the theory of global warming ???

Here we have the point that it’s not about the science, it’s about the funding…No one is going to pay anyone to do a report that says “all is well, we have no issues, you can relax now”….at least not more than once.

And, Via Insty, we have a piece that points out that it is all about the money and control….Not about the science, not about the environment, and not about the climate…..

Look: World leaders are going to Copenhagen in a few days to discuss how they are going to strangle their respective economies in order to reduce carbon emissions. I have no issue with reducing carbon, nor making our use of energy more efficient. But the fact is that this is, and always has been, based upon poor science and half assed computer models that were written to make the outcome fit a predetermined outcome that fits the “hockey stick” graph/theory. It’s not like there is any real proof that WE HUMANS are causing the planet to warm. In fact, we might not be. then agaibn, we might. But science like this proves nothing except that many people have gotten a lot of money for a very poor “research” product.

If the ice is all gonna melt, and the oceans are gonna rise, then why did Al the Gore just buy a bunch of oceanfront property in California??? Kinda like the “End of the World is Near” prophet buying long term investments…

Follow the links here, decide for yourself. Look at the evidence that is mounting. If this were business (Global Warming Research IS a busines, but I am talking about a private, stockholder owned business) then the FBI would be all over this, investigating for racketeering and fraudulent use of governmnet money….

Ask yourself why, if the MSM had the time and resources to fact check Sarah Palin’s book with a bunch of people, can’t they devote a portion of those resources to investigating this bogus climate “research”? Why are they whitewashing this? Who benefits?

And ask yourself why you hear very little from the MSM about it?

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