Breaking news! Global Warming IS a scam..Climate gate!

File this under “I tole ya so”!

Seems that hacker broke into a “Global Climate Center” and hacked their database of emails and other documents…..Go to the link and read. I am not sure where the “Global Climate Center” is, other than the referenced “University of East Anglia Climate Research Center….A yahoo search shows one such named university in Norwich, UK, and Wikipedia has an entry for the University….The Register reports that a massive data breach has occured….. Apparently there is a huge file containing all sorts of interesting emails and such oput thereand available to those interested parties. Wonder what will come of this???

If (and I say “if” because I cannot confirm the report) this information and the supposed file is confirmed, then this should blow the lid off of the whole scam….If the MSM does it’s job. (bets?)

Let us see how this pans out….

“The truth shall set ye free”

ETA: HERE is the link to the (alleged) files…

ETA 2: At lest some of the files have been verified by their authors….If this is what they DIDN’T delete, one would wonder what they DID delete…..