Vaccine time!

So they are handing out hamthrax* swine flu vaccinations today in my area.

Dire warnings that there are short supplies and that it is first come, first served.

I’m being A Good Citizen and skipping the whole thing in order that some other citizen (like a poor orphan or whatever) can get his/her shot. Risking my life and health for another and all that folderol.

Or maybe I just don’t care enough to get that vaccine. Its hard to give a shit when these dire warnings happen every year like clockwork and yet we never have the big die-off that is promised.

Can anyone explain what the big issue with the Swine Flu is over regular flu?

Is it what the conspiracy nuts think, and this push for vaccination is a secretly hatched plan to infect all of us with some other dreaded disease (to be named later)…?

*hamthrax as a name for swine flu should be credited to JayG, (or so I am informed)