So I had a great time at the Indy Blogmeet. Thanks to whomever (Roberta??) set it up. I always enjoy meeting people who are intelligent witty and interesting. Everyone I met on Sunday afternoon met all those criteria…

Had an interesting discussion with OG, met Brigid (finally!!!) who is as interesting in person as her writing is, Tam (who I had met the day before, but is SO fun to talk to (and tall, BTW)), Owen, Jay (an interesting fellow, I assure you), Old Grouch and I had an interesting discussion of the psychological profiles of the folks carving pumpkins outside (there were some fairly disturbed folks, adult and children using fairly sharp objects….. Glad I was armed…)

Wayne (I think) was open carrying, and no one really cared (except that it was, I think, a Glock, which is sacrilege to those of us who are disciples of JMB, but even so, it was a Good Thing). I have a feeling that the rest of us were carrying concealed (maybe I was, and maybe I wasn’t….???) but I doubt that there was a lack of lead and brass in the room…

I think that Og did not mark his territory on my Prius…..

All in all, I really enjoyed the blogmeet. If I had been able to leave the gunshow earlier, I would have, just to be able to spend more time with these folks….

If you can make a blogmeet with these people, I strongly urge you to do so.

I gotta update my blogroll too…

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