Like that will help. The blind leading the stupid.

Seems that Mr. Obama is bringing the Attorney General and Education Secretary to Chicago to find out how to prevent anyone from videotaping black on black violence do something about the violence that plagues the Chicago schools.

Never mind that the issue has little to do with the schools themselves, but rather much to do with the culture of those who attend. Never mind the fact that the majority of those children were raised in a home that is without a father because liberals many years ago decided to make a single woman a stable economic unit with welfare payments, destroying the black family culture that kept young men and women from becoming animal-like in their behavior. Forget the fact that these kids beat another kid to death. Forget the fact that it was because no one thought about the fact that in closing a school, they mixed children of two neighborhoods together in one school, leaving the law of unintended consequences to cause violence as children of different tribes cultures and neighborhoods were forced together.

The fact is that this is a bunch of kids, who have never learned how to behave, killing another of their kind. Had this been a bunch of whites killing a black kid, the outcry would be loud and resonant from nearly every liberal quarter. But the fact that it is black kids killing another black kid just means that the government must “stop the violence”. Jesse Jackson and his ilk don’t condemn the black on black violence, just the violence…. It must be the fault of, and responsibility of, the “government” to fix, not the parents mothers that raised these animals children.

Until we stop making excuses and face facts, there will always be incidents such as these. The proliferation of cell phone cameras and videos just make it all the easier to see.