TO all of you I had met before: It was nice seeing you again….I met even MORE interesting people (that is….a larger number of interesting people and others whom I did not meet last blogmeet, not people who were more interesting than the people I met last time) at this latest blogmeet. It was fun and interesting….

If you can make a blogmeet in Indy, I strongly urge you to do so..

More tomorrow, I am tired after pushing Strike-Hold on people all weekend at the Indy 1500.

Again, It was nice meeting you all….

3 thoughts on “Blogmeet

  1. It was great meeting you as well and wish we'd had more time to talk. So glad you all made it.

  2. It was so cool that y'all showed up!

    The biggest downside to blogmeets is that they're so short; I always come away saying "I really wish I'd had more time to talk to X and Y!"

    That's one reason we do them monthly instead of quarterly: It maximizes the odds of sitting next to the person you really wished you got a minute to chat with at the last one. Sometimes we even manage to throw in an extra one in a given month.

  3. it was great to meet you. And you're a born pitchman. Look forward to seeing you at Crown Point.


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