Watching Mr. Obama’s speech

I am torn between :

Damn, he sure talks purty….(“gee, Mr. Taggart, you use your mouth better than a twenty dollar whore”)


Liar! Liar!… pant’s on fire!

Smooth delivery of a very carefully parsed speech, that leaves out a lot of details, and skips over a lot of things that are legitimate concerns. Skipping over the issues that are concerns, he highlights the good, while glossing over the details that are unpalatable to most Americans who care. He did downgrade the number of uninsured from, IIRC, 47 million to 30 million. Must have decided to not count those illegals he now has promised he won’t cover…for today.

“Trust me” still remains the best thing he can come up with…”I can fix this for all of you” and “it won’t cost anyone anything. I promise”…..”I don’t want to get rid of insurance companies, but I will undercut them with government backed plans”.

No matter how you slice it, it is socialism. If he and his cohorts really wanted to fix things, they could. But they won’t. They want socialized health care. Insurance reform isn’t enough. Tax reform for health insurance purchased without your employer isn’t even on the table. It’s all about control. All the rest is empty promises, twisted truths, and outright lies. If you don’t see that, then you are blinded by His light. And a fool.

If his plan is worth anything, he will present a plan and let the public review it for 90 days….rather than try to shove it down our throats. Betcha he doesn’t.

Hats off to the man who cried “liar!” during his speech. Hope the Secret Service and Capitol Police don’t stick the nightstick too far up hurt him too badly. That took balls.

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