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So the right has made a statement…..Will anyone listen? We conservatives have, with our tea parties, and now the march on Washington of something in excess of 1.8 million people, made our first statement. Will the current officials take heed? Will the GOP party officials? One would have to estimate that each of those who attended could easily represent 10 or more people, perhaps as many as a hundred. If so, at least 18 million people and as many as 180 million dislike the current direction of more tax and spend and more big government. We want change, but not the kind that is currently in the wind. People are angry. They were unhappy with George W. Bush, and are even more unhappy with Mr Obama’s ideas. Health care, Cap and Trade, Stimulus. Enough is enough. Stop, already.

Or will this die down and die before the 2010 election and will we as a people choose to elect more of the same?

One thing I hope that we can shout to our officials is that we are here, and we won’t go away. We have been told that we, each of us, was alone in our anger and protest. We know better now. We know that each of us has tens (hundreds?) of thousands of sisters and brothers who feel the same anger, and the same frustration. Each of us now knows that we are not alone.

Will the GOP and the libertarians learn a lesson here? Will they give us more of the same….More RHINO’s and more Democrat Lite? Will they learn and support those who would truly represent what the people want and seek? Or will they choose to again throw the opportunity away, and give the people an even less appealing candidate than the trash that the DNC throws to us for a choice of representative in 20 10 and 2012 and, in 2 years, president in 2012? Or will they present us with a choice that we can get behind, choose to support and campaign for, and who is electable? I mention the RNC and the Libertarians, because the DNC is apparently a lost cause….

Will the leadership in the Senate and the House decide to listen, or will they stubbornly choose the direction which they have taken lately….Ignore the constituents and make decisions according to party lines and politically traded favors? One would think that these men who have been elected to represent us are intelligent to make the choice that keeps them elected. Yet evidence shows otherwise. Will this protest make a difference? Or will it be ignored by incumbents and political parties alike?

We can choose to elect others, if we are given a choice, or if we choose to vote against the current party structure. Let us hope we can have a candidate (or candidates) for which we do not have to hold our nose, but rather one which we can enthusiastically support.

Before there is a revolution.


Keep pissing us off, next time there will be 5 million. Then things might get ugly.

BTW, anyone notice that the trash left by this group is about 1% of the trash left by the attendees of the inauguration or that of the election party in Chicago? Perhaps the conservatives folks are really more green that the liberals…