It’s all about power…Theirs over ours. If we allow it.

“We will not disarm.

You cannot convince us.

You cannot intimidate us.

You can try to kill us, if you think you can.

But remember, we’ll shoot back.

And we are not going away.

Your move.”


It’s not about health care, taxes, guns, or any other single issue.

It’s about freedom from further government oppression, and a rollback of previous tyranny.

They insist on pushing forward.

We will not fall back.

War — actual shooting war between freedom-loving Americans and those who would expand the life-by-theft modus operandi of both Looter and Moocher — is therefore inevitable.

Come to Washington on September 10-13 and join us in defying those who would presume to be our masters.

Not my words, but I wish that they were. But the sentiment is one with which I can agree.

More.. (the rest of the article) here. Worth the read.

If, of course, you are serious about freedom.

Are there enough of us? Enough who care? Enough willing to do something?

Or are we all armchair quarterbacks…?

I spent the day at the range today. Practicing for “the day” should it occur. Polishing skills passed on to me by my father and his father. Honing the one skill I might offer my country and its citizens in their time of need. Passing those skills onto another as well. I may not be good for much, but I can shoot. Not as well as some, but better than most.

Men are not deer, nor are they paper. They may however, be targets.

I hope that day never comes…..If it does, are you ready?

Or will you hide in your home and let others do the dirty while you cower?